Yellow Folder


 javascript · Google Maps API · Bootstrap

Yellow Folder is an intelligent filing cabinet that helps K-12 school systems go paperless. They provide document scanning services and easy to use online tools to help organizations keep the information they need, and securely destroy what they don’t.

This particular project (at the time) was slightly outside my skill set, and smaller in scope than usual. That’s not to say Yellow Folder is a small company; they aren’t. They just had a very specific problem and asked if I could help. It’s good to shift gears and work on projects outside your comfort zone, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Yellow Folder was readying a new website for launch and wanted an interactive calculator to help web visitors quickly estimate costs. The calculator I provided calls the Google Maps API, calculates mileage, validates all selections, and helps guide users through required fields. The app-like experience gives their web visitors instant feedback and provides different cost scenarios, so they can make an informed decision.