Carolyn Collins Photography


FileMaker Pro

I’ve known Carolyn for a few years, through my connections to various art organizations in Dallas. Her business has been growing since I met her, to the point she now runs a modest gallery space at Midtown Galleries. As is known to any small to mid-sized business owner, streamlining processes is paramount.

Carolyn has assistants to help organize and maintain her space, but tackling larger problems requires more than just an additional pair of hands. I visited Carolyn to assist her with a Mac issue and showed her the work I’d completed for Art Conspiracy and Aurora. She immediately asked if I could build something to help her manage her gallery.

We identified a few areas of her business that would benefit most from a custom FileMaker solution. Tables and layouts were created to manage clients, invoices, expenses, and products, with a feature-rich dashboard presenting the most important info.

The highlight of this solution is the Products layout, showcasing Carolyn’s work. Related pieces (by series and color palette) appear dynamically in the sidebar, helping Carolyn quickly assemble a grouping of art pieces suitable for a buyer’s space.