All American Dogs

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All American Dogs provides animal-related services to Aubrey, Texas and surrounding communities. Since their launch, they’ve partnered with thirteen cities in North Texas to provide animal control and sheltering within each area’s respective city limit. All American Dogs also provides the City of Aubrey with a variety of code enforcement services, previously handled by the Fire Department.

I was contacted by All American Dogs to help incorporate iPads into their on-site calls. The existing process was generating a lot of physical paperwork, much of it created in the field. These paper records had to be consolidated upon returning to the office to build the necessary reporting. Code enforcement calls also require photo documentation, but the images were being taken separately and had to be matched (later) to their respective service record.

After a discovery meeting, I designed several specialized iPad layouts to capture on-site details (including images) and store everything in a cloud hosted FileMaker database. Final reporting was improved greatly as well.

A later update streamlined the Animal Check-in process, a paper form normally completed upon return (often with an upset animal). Their new workflow allows this data to be trasmitted from the field, to better prepare the facility for an animal’s arrival.