Custom Applications

I’ve been creating FileMaker solutions for over 20 years. Everything from simple time trackers to comprehensive event registration and attendee management systems. Today I develop with Swift, CloudKit, and FileMaker. If you’re struggling with an existing solution or still trying to manage complex data with spreadsheets, we need to talk. I’ll help you do more.

FileMaker Data API

The FileMaker Data API opens up your data in all sorts of ways. You can even use it to drive a 100%-native iOS app like this one. Not a mobile ‘wrapper’ like LiveCode. Not a second-class experience like FileMaker Go or the iOS App SDK. A real app, with UIKit and real sync. Think you can’t have it? You can.

Need your solution to scale beyond a few hundred users? Thousands? More? Let me migrate your FileMaker record data to CloudKit.

Get Started!

Learn more about CloudKit here.