Swift Development

I make data-driven apps for iOS using Swift, CloudKit, and the FileMaker Data API. I’m especially good at apps that support an event, like this one.

Event apps are different than other apps. Producers often need to push last minute changes, and there’s a greater-than-zero chance your users will struggle with connectivity in a crowded/indoor venue. Choose an app backed by CloudKit and CoreData. Query and persist updates on launch, or silently push content in the background before users have even unlocked their phone. Neat.

Bluetooth Beacons

Consider integrating Bluetooth beacons at your event (or office). Beacons can fire independently or be configured as a region, with multiple onEnter and onExit triggers. Measure event traffic and dwell time. Send a context-driven notification to a user’s lock screen and have your app respond with a custom ViewController. Your users will love it.

Get Started!

Learn more about Estimote iBeacons here.