Art Conspiracy

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Skills: Swift (iOS), CloudKit, CoreData, FileMaker, Twilio (SMS), PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery

Art Conspiracy is street level philanthropy with equal parts community art event and fundraiser. Each November, 150 artists converge on a warehouse-turned-art studio to create unique works of art on 18″ x 18″ boards. The work is auctioned the following week, in a high energy, one-night event raising tens of thousands of dollars for other non-profit arts organizations serving the City of Dallas. Artists helping artists.

Producing an event like Art Con involves hundreds of individuals — volunteers, artists, musicians, food trucks, sponsors, and other vendors. Managing that with a spreadsheet would be.. painful. So I architected a FileMaker database to better manage this mountain of data. Having the right tools has utterly re-invented the way Art Con produces their events.

Volunteer call responses are captured online and funneled into a FileMaker database, grouped by skill set and availability. The Volunteer Lead uses specialized layouts to assemble teams and communicate with volunteers leading up to the event. Volunteers are checked-in and managed throughout, using FileMaker Go (mobile).

Artists are managed in this database as well. Artists can use the system to update their profile and respond to event calls. The profiles drive an online web directory and iPhone app, providing additional channels for promotion. The system also expedites artist check-in on the extremely busy ‘Artist Day’, prior to the event, and drives creation of all auction labels and projected slides.

Get the Art Con app (iOS 9+)