All American Dogs

Skills: FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go

All American Dogs provides animal-related services to Aubrey, Texas and surrounding communities. Since their launch, they’ve partnered with thirteen cities in North Texas to provide animal control and sheltering within each area’s respective city limit. A second branch of All American Dogs now provides the City of Aubrey with a variety of code enforcement services, previously handled by that city’s Fire Department.

I was contacted by All American Dogs to help them incorporate iPads into their on-site calls. Their existing process was generating a lot of paperwork, much of it created while in the field. Service records then had to be consolidated after returning to the office, to finish the necessary reporting. Code enforcement calls also require supporting photos, but these were being taken with cell phones, and were in no way connected to the respective paper ticket.

Because so much of their record creation starts in the field, I built specialized iPad layouts to capture call details, including images, and store this in a hosted FileMaker database. Final reporting was improved greatly as well, and tailored to meet the requirements of each of their clients.

A later update replaced the Animal Check-in Form, a paper form normally completed upon return to the office. Having to complete this form on arrival was inefficient. So a check-in process was created for the iPad, allowing Animal Check-in Forms to be trasmitted to the office (prior to return), to better prepare the facility for an animal’s arrival.