Send *and* receive FileMaker data with Twilio

If you’re using SMS with a FileMaker solution, you’re probably doing more sending than receiving. Maybe you’re using a service that converts email to SMS. Or maybe you signed up with an SMS provider like Twilio, and are sending texts from your database with httpspost. That’s fine, but what about sending an SMS /to/ a FileMaker solution? I’m not talking about just saving inbound messages as records. I mean doing a find request based on the sender’s cell number and message content, and responding with record data.

Before we dive into that, this is /not/ a post about how to set up a Twilio account. I’m assuming you’ve done that, and defined your Request URL, and copied the Twilio framework to your webserver. This post is about using the FileMaker PHP API to respond to inbound messages. Ok. Let’s go. (more…)


I’ve never really been happy with any of the ‘now playing’-style plugins for So this weekend, I threw something together myself; something easier than a plugin. Now, I’ll show you how to get a simple, auto-refresh album cover in the sidebar, just like the one on this site. All you need is a small .js file (tiny!) and a standard WordPress text widget. Let’s get started.

Right-click and download this -> lastfm.js file and put it somewhere on your webserver. This isn’t a plugin, so it doesn’t need to live anywhere special. Open the file with your favorite editor and enter a user name, api key, and a path for a placeholder (in case the API doesn’t return an image).

Next, log in to your WordPress dashboard, select Widgets, and drag over a new standard text widget. Paste this block into the widget content area, update the server path, and save.

That’s it! Fire up your music player and reload your site. Every few minutes a new cover should load with a nice fade-in. The API doesn’t provide a way to update when a new track starts, but you can adjust the refresh rate in lastfm.js to your liking. Every 3 or 4 minutes works pretty well.